Academic Career

Jacksonville University

David presently studies at the Jacksonville University, in Jacksonville, Florida, from 2017

Ronald W. Reagan/Doral High School

Graduated in Ronald W. Reagan/Doral High School, in Miami, Florida, 2015-2017

Dominicas Vistabella

David studied at the Dominicas Vistabella in Tenerife, 2014

Felpham Community College

In September 2014, he studied at the Felpham Community College in United Kingdom, to improve his knowledge of the English Language.



Earned Credits

Cumulative GPA

Jacksonville University (USA) 2018 Fall 66.00 3.69
Jacksonville University (USA) 2017 Fall 49.00 3.76

SAT Total Score

Reading and Writing

Math Score

Score Details


400 to 1600

530 | 200 to 800

58th Nationally Representative Sample Percentile

670 | 200 to 800

92th Nationally Representative Sample Percentile
SAT Score Report

Recommendation Letters

  • Marilyn Gonzalez RRSHS Reading Teacher (2016)

    "...I feel confident that he will continue to succeed in his studies and wow the world in his future endeavors. David is a dedicated student, observant and has worked in various capacities within the sailing community. He proves to be a "go-getter" who is able to successfully work with others and help those in need. His charisma and dynamic character brings a smile to my face every time he walks into class. His passion for achievement is consuming and vibrates through his being and those found him ..."

  • Ricardo Calume RRSHS Counselor (2016)

    "...In addition, David has much extracurricular experiences to share. He started sailing when he was 7 years old. During this time, he has participated in a lot of regattas, national and international ones. But whenever it happens, he is always responsible of the work missed. This shows that he knows how to organize his free time to maintain good grades and a good performance in his sport ..."

  • Hernan Peralta , Head Laser Coach - Coconut Group Sailing Club (2016)

    ".... As a sailor, he is a shining example of the values held by our club, by virtue of his dedication and love for the sea and the sport of sailing, his discipline and perseverance in training, his camaraderie with fellow team members...

  • Progress Interim Report Felpham Community College, UK (2014)

    "...David is an engaging, popular student who seems to have fitted well into the form group and the school. He is always pulite, puntual and well-present...

  • Ignacio Marinez, Manager CLUB DE MAR RADAZUL, Spain (2014)

    "...In May 2014, he was the Champion of the Spanish Laser 4.7 Cup in the children category. In June 2014, he finished in the Fourth Place of Spanish Laser 4.7 Children Championship....

Volunteer Collaboration

  • Bryan Embrey, Volunteer Coordinator

    "...I would like to personally THANK YOU for your recent contribution of your time to our race: 2017 Miami Marathon and Half Marathon. I really appreciate you all volunteering your time for this amazing event which had over 20,000 participants! ..."


Student Orientation 2017 — Jacksonville University

Ronald W. Reagan Doral Senior High School Graduation